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One Movie Punch

Aug 6, 2019

Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to another Takeover Tuesday! Today, we have a brand new pair of reviewers for the podcast. The Book of Lies Podcast are here to review Sam Raimi’s groundbreaking 1981 classic, “The Evil Dead”. They’ll have a promo up in a moment, but you can find out more about them at And for a few other horror films in the same vein, and very likely influenced by today’s film, check out “A Dark Song” (Episode #489), “The Ritual” (Episode #045), and “Sabrina” (Episode #328).

Are you interested in doing a guest review here at One Movie Punch? Head over to and read up more on the process, then reach out to us using the provided form or over social media to find out about guesting. We’d love to have you on the show, and you’ll get access to our growing audience and be able to run your promo before the review. We have a limited number of slots open each quarter, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible. And if you do well enough, you just might be asked to join the ranks of the One Movie Punch crew.

Be sure to check out Book of Lies Podcast’s latest episode on Keith Raniere and NXIVM, which turned out to be his underground Sex Cult. Yes, I’m serious, and you don’t want to miss Brandi and Sunni breaking it down, with all the juicy details.

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Here we go! 





We’re Brandi Fleeks! And this is Sunni Hepburn! From Book of Lies Podcast! We cover con artists and fraud cases. You can follow us on Twitter @bookofliespod or on Instagram and Facebook at Book of Lies Podcast. You can also visit us online at

Today’s movie is “The Evil Dead” (1981), the horror film directed by Sam Raimi and written for the screen by Sam Raimi. What do you know? Same guy. Starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams and Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl.

So this is what happens, guys. Five friends travel to the cabin in the woods, where they stumble upon a Sumerian Book of the Dead, and a tape recorder. While playing with the their newly found toys, they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.The characters have to learn to defeat the demons without going to pieces, so to speak.

Evil Dead uses some of the classic horror movie tropes like the foreboding objects moving by themselves, or strange sounds and whispers occurring before really getting into the meat of the horror. We even get a good jump scare or two before we actually know what we’re actually supposed to fear.

This movie garnered an NC-17 rating because of the blood and gore. They had to cut scenes from it to get an R rating. The funny thing is, nowadays it doesn’t even look real.

It really doesn’t look real.

It doesn’t at all.

It’s like, I was like AHHH... oh, uh, no.

Yeah. But when blood is green they can get away with as much of it as they want. Like, red blood.

And it was white... whatever that stuff was.

Yeah, I think it was pus.


As much as the director wants, they can get a PG rating, but red blood is bad for business.

This movie is such a cult film that the Starz Network developed a show, “Ash vs The Evil Dead”. Of course, it’s updated, and the effects are better, but it wouldn’t exist without the original “Evil Dead” and Bruce Campbell’s total badassery.

He was a bad ass.



I enjoyed this movie, and it’s one I’ll always watch if it’s on, and I’m just hanging out watching tv. 

I’m gonna say no. It was a good movie. I enjoyed it. I’m just not into scary movies like that. But this was very entertaining. 

It’s a horror comedy.

I felt like it was the first horror comedy ever, like with just boom, boom, boom, boom. It was good, but if it’s on, I’m just... I don’t know. I’m just saying.

“The Evil Dead” (1981) is a campy horror film that launched the careers of the indominable Bruce Campbell and the incomparable Sam Raimi.

Bruce Campbell was in “Xena: Warrior Princess”.


Loved it. 

If you haven’t seen this film, find it on your streaming service and check it out, then watch all of its sequels. Watch them all, cause I’m going to watch them, actually.

Rotten Tomatoes: 95% (CERTIFIED FRESH)

Metacritic: 71

One Movie Punch: 9.5/10 

Yeah man!

Yeah man!

“The Evil Dead” (1981) is rated R and is available on YouTube, Amazon, and a streaming service near you!