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One Movie Punch

Sep 30, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Sponsor Sunday! No new sponsors this week, but we will begin a multi-week Patreon campaign next month to raise sponsors for the podcast. One of those benefits is selecting a film for me to review on Sundays, and much more. If you want to check out our sponsorship levels right now, head over...

Sep 29, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Streaming Saturdays! Today’s film is one that was delayed by Netflix in part as a retaliation against the Cannes Film Festival’s rules for movie consideration. I know, I hate it when the oligarchs can’t play nice, too. What really sucks is that today’s film was also a contender for...

Sep 28, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Film Buff Fridays! We’re going with a more recent and widely celebrated noir film, which has also had some social problems since its release. For a few other film noir classics, check out “Sunset Boulevard” (Episode #077), “The Stranger” (Episode #215), and “Touch of Evil”...

Sep 27, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Documentary Thursdays! Third documentary this week, which is somewhat unusual for us, but there are so many being released right now by Netflix and in theaters that this was bound to happen. Today’s Netflix Original is a much lighter viewing, following the life of the legendary Quincy...

Sep 26, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Worldwide Wednesday! We’re heading back to the Israeli film scene for a film about a spy within the Egyptian government. For another film from the Israeli film scene, check out “Maktub” (Episode #170), a hilarious crime comedy. And if you have any suggestions, let me know at...