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One Movie Punch

Aug 31, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Film Buff Friday. If I had to pick a favorite day to produce this podcast, it has to be Film Buff Fridays. I love going back to films I’ve seen before and classics I never had the chance to see. This week is particularly special, because I have an attachment to this Japanese animated film,...

Aug 30, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Documentary Thursdays! Today’s documentary covers the life of suburban/small city residents, their victories, and their failures. If you are interested in similar documentaries, but with a much darker tone, check out “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about his Father” (Episode #095),...

Aug 29, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Worldwide Wednesdays. We’re heading to the Italian film scene this week, this time looking at the Romani, pejoratively referred to as gypsies. If you dig the Italian film scene, check out “Forgive Us Our Debts” (Episode #129) and “Fire at Sea” (Episode #151). And if you have any...

Aug 28, 2018

Hi everyone!

Next week we’ll be starting Takeover Tuesday, where a listener, fellow podcaster, and/or fellow broadcaster will takeover our Tuesday episode with their own review, mostly following our format with a few common sense guidelines. If you’re interested in participating, head over to...

Aug 27, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Matinee Monday! Every now and again, sometimes you have to watch the movie you want to watch, not the one you should watch. This past weekend had a lot of interesting films to see, but only one that seemed crazy enough to be worthwhile. I’ll let you know in a minute if it was, but if you...