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One Movie Punch

Aug 21, 2019

Hi everyone!

Welcome back for another Certified Fresh review. Actually, every single film this week has been Certified Fresh, although we’re seeing a spectrum of quality within that certification. Today, we have film that crosses a lot of diverse film scenes, including Germany, India, and the United States, and...

Aug 20, 2019

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another Takeover Tuesday, and welcome back our returning hosts from the How I Met Your Friends podcast. They’ll be reviewing another Apatow Production this week, but from about ten years before “Juliet, Naked” (Episode #567), which I was forced to review because a certain One Movie...

Aug 19, 2019

Hi everyone!

Welcome back for another Matinee Monday, this time for a feature that’s finally made its way to our neighborhood. And by all accounts, it looks to be a strong contender for just about every Oscar category. It’s great to see the growing number of domestic films starring Asian actors and featuring Asian...

Aug 18, 2019

Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to another week of reviews here at One Movie Punch. Last week was crazy, with the debut of One Movie Spawn with her review of “In This Corner Of The World” (Episode #562), and this week we’re not slowing down for anything. We’ll have a movie finally available in our area for...

Aug 17, 2019

Hi everyone!

It’s time to close out the week with another review from One Movie Spouse. Between leading a team to save the podcast in early July, to cranking out weekly reviews, she’s been amazing this summer. I was jealous she was able to sneak off to see today’s film, but I’m also happy we get another great...