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One Movie Punch

Oct 30, 2018

Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday. Today’s review will be brought to you by the Moviedrone Podcast, two laidback, self-deprecating Brits who have the squelchiest, yet funkiest music in all of #FilmTwitter. When not doing film scene impressions and giving each other homework, they do in-depth movie reviews of currently playing and classic films, whether they think anyone is listening or not. If you want to check out their weekly podcast, head over to, subscribe, and let them know we sent you.

And the best part of this guest review is that they only misspelled two words: “favorite” and “catalog”. F-A-V-O-U-R indeed! I mean, it’s just one letter, but... I’m sorry, I’m just been informed that’s the Queen English and something about bollocks... not sure. Anyway...

Here we go...

(Steve) Hi, I’m Steve

(Marc) And I’m Marc

(Steve) We are the Moviedrone podcast and I’m very excited to be guesting on One Movie Punch’s Takeover Tuesday. We are a weekly podcast with a main review.

(Marc) We also have features such as ‘Question Time’ and ‘Homework’ where we give each other a film to watch that the other has not seen in the hope of unearthing a hidden gem.

(Steve) And don’t forget my favourite part.

(Marc) The end?

(Steve) No, No, No... Marc’s Movie Impressions.

(Marc) Oh. DO we have to go there?

(Steve) Yes, do one.

(Marc) Really?

(Steve) DO ONE!

(Marc) I ain’t no bum, I ain’t no bum, I ain’t no bum, ADRIAN!

(Steve) Yeah, we should have left that, actually...

(Marc) Anyway, catch us every Sunday evening on iTunes, Pocketcast, Podbean and Stitcher.

(Steve) Today’s movie is the original “Halloween” (1978), the Columbia Pictures horror thriller directed by John Carpenter and written for the screen in collaboration with Debra Hill.

(Marc) This movie sees Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut film, battling to survive against a psychotic killer in a ground-breaking horror classic.

(Steve) The first of eleven movies in the franchise, this movie sets the bar in suspense horror films with a kick ass score to boot!

Spoilers ahead.

(Steve) This movie is set 15 years after Michael Myers murders his sister in one of the most iconic opening scenes from a movie, ever. 

(Marc) The fact Michael was only 6 at the time made the image of a child holding a bloodied knife all the more shocking.

(Steve) What follows is the rampage of the escaped Myers on Halloween night, butchering five innocent victims, and encountering Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), a victim less easy to overcome.

(Marc) With John Carpenter’s score increasing tension at every opportune moment, this was a film that defined the slasher genre, following in the waves of Hitchcock’s Psycho.

(Steve) Although not as graphic as modern-day horrors, the suspense and kill scenes still hold their weight with the audience.

(Marc) Originally billed as ‘The Babysitter Murders’, the Halloween setting not only inspired a name change, but allows Myers to wander terrifyingly easily amongst scores of innocent children.

Watch out for the Boogie Man!

“Halloween” (1978) is a great horror classic that defined a movie genre. Fans of horror should not miss this and it should be in any true fan’s back catalogue.

Rotten Tomatoes: 93% (FRESH)

Metacritic: 78

One Movie Punch: 7.8/10

“Halloween” (1978) is rated R and is currently streaming on Shudder and available for rent or purchase wherever you enjoy movies!