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One Movie Punch

Oct 28, 2019

NARRATOR: “Welcome back to Reign of Terror 2019! 31 straight days of horror movie reviews and interviews. Today’s episode will feature Brandi and Sunni from the Book of Lies Podcast, who will be reviewing 2002’s ’28 Days Later’. A promo will run before the review.”

NARRATOR: “But for now, let’s turn out attention back to the fate of our host, in Part Two of “THE FINAL STRETCH”.” 

SCENE: Abandoned cityscape.

NARRATOR: “Oh, it’s going to be an exciting episode. Because this is the one where Joseph perishes. I can feel it. I can’t say that I know it, as I’ve been losing control over this environment now for days, but he’s now walking into the most dangerous parts of the simulation. Which is, conveniently, where I’ve hidden my avatar’s lair. Not that he knows.” 

JOSEPH: “I’m really not liking the looks of this.”

NARRATOR: “Before Joseph stood hollowed out buildings, some leaning into others, with random trash bits floating across the streets like urban tumbleweed. It was quiet. Unnaturally quiet, except for the slight breeze.” 

JOSEPH: “What’s that?”

NARRATOR: “What’s what? All I see ahead of you is... wait a minute." 

JOSEPH: “Looks like two figures trying to wave me over.”

NARRATOR: “It was two figures, one waving Joseph over, the other pointing to a relatively intact building. Oh, wipe that smile off your face.” 


NARRATOR: *laughs* “But now both figures were waving their hands down, attempting to hush Joseph, but he obviously didn’t understand what they were saying. Oh, this is great. Now he’s running toward them!”


NARRATOR: “Joseph ran towards the pair, and as he got closer, he could finally make out their hand motions. One was telling him to be quiet without making a sound. Joseph stopped immediately and began to hear a rumble.”

JOSEPH: “What the...?” 

NARRATOR: “The other was motioning behind him, and when he turned, he saw it. A giant herd of zoom-bies, running towards the three of them, arms flailing, making ravenous noises. The rumble got louder as they crossed the distance in record time.” 

BRANDI: “Let’s go, Joseph!”

NARRATOR: “Joseph took off running, which only drove the zoom-bies into a frenzy, causing some in the lead to stumble over and trip up those behind them. It would be comical if it wasn’t so deadly.”

JOSEPH: “You don’t have to tell me twice!”


NARRATOR: “The three of them ducked into the only building available, shutting the door behind them. It was... steel-reinforced? Are you serious? Fine!”

NARRATOR: “It was steel-reinforced, but they locked the door and pushed some furniture in front of it, anyway. Multiple thuds hit the door, and the snarling grew louder. Sadly, though, the door was holding.”

JOSEPH: “Say, you wouldn’t be...”

BRANDI: “I’m Brandi!” 

SUNNI: “And I’m Sunni!” 

TOGETHER: “And we’re from...”

JOSEPH: “Book of Lies Podcast!”

BRANDI: “Way to steal the thunder.” 

JOSEPH: “Sorry.” 

SUNNI: “Listen, we’ve got some information you need to know. The person behind this is...”

JOSEPH: “Shane.”

SUNNI: “Oh. So you know?” 

JOSEPH: “Well, not everything. I should stop interrupting. Been doing it this whole crossover!”

BRANDI: “Tell me about it.” 

SUNNI: “So, anyway, I think we know where you’re located.”

BRANDI: “Because we were there at the start.” 

NARRATOR: “They were?”

SUNNI: “We were. Flashback transition please.”

SUNNI: (As Narrator) “We were on our way to your One Movie Punch Secret Volcano Liar to investigate whether you were a scam or not.” 

JOSEPH: “What?!”

BRANDI: “It’s what we do. And while we were on our way there, we ran into One Movie Spouse when we stopped for gas and got to talking.” 

AMY: “It’s so great to run into you two here!”

SUNNI: “So, he’s actually legit?”

AMY: “Afraid so. Podcasting is so lucrative!”

BRANDI: “But how does he do it?”

AMY: “You should go ask him! Here, I’ll tell you how to get to the lair.” 

JOSEPH: “Wait, she just gave you directions to the lair?” 

SUNNI: “Do you want to know what we know or not?”

JOSEPH: “You’re right, go on.”

BRANDI: “So, we headed to the lair, but got stuck behind this other car, with a rather spacious trunk. Once we figured out it was heading the same direction, we kept our distance, until we saw it speed up...”

SUNNI: “...then saw YOU fly up into the air. And after you hit the ground, this person got out the car, then threw you into the trunk, and drove off.”

BRANDI: “We drove up to see if anyone else was left, but we looked up and the other car was gone. So, we went back to the gas station, but Amy was gone, and when we tried to report it to the police, well, they laughed it off.” 

SUNNI: “I mean, would YOU believe there was a secret volcano lair?” 

BRANDI: “So, after that we were going to drive back home, but then we saw an interesting ad in the local paper. WANTED: Video game testers to try and break a system. See website for details.”

JOSEPH: “That would be weird, especially in <BEEP>.”

SUNNI: “I mean, I didn’t even know there were volcanos in <BEEP>.”

BRANDI: “So, we went undercover, and that’s when we found out this demo for the ultimate horror movie game experience. We contacted Amy, and got a demo set, and sure enough, by the time we jacked in, there you were.

SUNNI: “She began rallying the troops after that, but the problem was that each person could only have a short window to try the demo. And we were no closer to finding out your location, until it dawned on us.”

BRANDI: “Where would be the smartest place to hide an extensive technical achievement, with enough raw power to power and cool the servers? Where could a car have disappeared that quickly?”

JOSEPH: “The volcano lair.” 

SUNNI: “Bingo. The police still don’t believe us, but Amy and the crew are on their way over to the lair now. Three days tops, and... shoot.”

BRANDI: “Demo’s running out.”

JOSEPH: “So, what do I do?” 

SUNNI: “Well, this scenario will reset itself in a bit, so I’d get some rest. Then, keep following the map towards the ultimate goal. Shane’s losing control of the system as we adapt more parts of it. We’ll tame the zoom-bies a bit to get you to the next zone.”

BRANDI: “Time’s up!" 

NARRATOR: “And with that, they both disappeared, leaving Joseph alone in a room, with nothing but the sound of growling monsters. Time to increase the firewalls for a much bigger fight, which will continue tomorrow in Part Three of “THE FINAL STRETCH”, when we’re joined by Andrew Campbell, who will be reviewing “One Cut of the Dead”! Wait, Andrew Campbell? How did he... well, it doesn’t matter, because this time, Joseph will not survive...”




Today’s movie is “28 Days Later” (2002), the horror film directed by Danny Boyle and written for the screen by Alex Garland. Starring a relatively unknown in the U.S. at the time Cillian Murphy, Naomi Harris, and the 8th Doctor himself, Christopher Eccleston.After animal rights activists unleash a rage virus on the whole of the UK trying to free infected chimps, a group of people must fight their way through hordes of infected to find a safe haven and possibly a cure.

“28 Days Later” breaks away from the typical slow-moving zombie movie cliché of its predecessors. These infected aren’t true zombies since they aren’t reanimated dead people. They’ve been infected by a virus that drives them the beat their victims to death rather than eat their brains. 

When it debuted in 2002, it was one of the scariest horror movies to come out in a long time. There were no masked boogeymen or a single killer stalking their victims for fun. No one was safe from infection, even kids were a threat, and that wasn’t the norm in horror movies at the time. I don’t think I heard a negative word about it from anyone who’s seen it. 

If you’ve never seen “28 Days Later” and you want a good scare, you should put it on, turn off the lights and test your bravery. There are a couple of jump scares, but mostly your heart is racing because the infected are fast and everywhere and they coming after you. 

“28 Days Later” (2002) is one of the scariest one of the scariest movies of the 2000s.

Rotten Tomatoes: 86% (CERTIFIED FRESH)

Metacritic: 78

One Movie Punch: 10/10

“28 Days Later” (2002) is rated R and is available on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and it’s currently playing on Starz.