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One Movie Punch

Dec 31, 2018

Hi everyone!

Well, I made it. 365 podcast reviews in 365 days. We’re closing out with the 155th Netflix Original film I’ve reviewed this year, nearly all of which were released this past year. And let me just say that Netflix sure knows how to close out a year. I’ll be posting some top lists from the year next...

Dec 30, 2018

Hi everyone!

I was cruising along great, getting the podcast wrapped up for the year, and sitting down to watch tomorrow’s movie, “A Twelve-Year Night” (Episode #365) to close out the year, and what do I see, but today’s film now available. I’m pretty sure there’s no one at Netflix watching this podcast to...

Dec 29, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another Netflix Original documentary, the last one for 2018, and produced in part by Leonardo DiCaprio. For the other Netflix Original documentaries from this year, check out “Seeing Allred” (Episode #041), “Take Your Pills” (Episode #081), “Mercury 13” (Episode #116), “The...

Dec 28, 2018

Hi everyone!

We’re back with another Netflix Original film, this time with a screenplay by Eric Heisserer, writer for the award-winning “Arrival” and also writer for another Netflix Original, “Extinction” (Episode #209). Today’s film hasn’t been doing well with the critics, but did it land well with me?...

Dec 27, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to the podcast, as we switch from movies on HBO to a few more Netflix Originals. By the end of the year, I will have managed to watch and review every Netflix Original released in 2018. You can find a list of those reviews by heading over to and searching on the Netflix...