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One Movie Punch

Sep 29, 2019

Hi everyone!

It’s me Amy, AKA One Movie Spouse, back for another weekly review. 


Slight host change this week, as Joseph is still missing after we finished up last quarter. You might think I’m worried, but I’m sure he’s just fine.


I’ve missed you all! Back to school activities have kept me super busy with little free time. I was fortunate enough to sneak out one afternoon to catch this film. Listen to my review, then catch me on Twitter @OneMovieSpouse to keep the conversation going. Let me know what “wild goals” you might be setting for yourself, or any goals in progress. Let’s build each other up!

Of course, this podcast isn’t great with Joseph’s absence. No episodes were ready for our return, so I’m throwing this one together. We have this whole Reign of Terror 2019 thing coming up in two days. Way to get everyone’s hopes up, then bail on all the work. Luckily, we were able to convince one of our critics, Shane Hyde, to take over hosting and production. He’s flying in tomorrow, but has already started working on the episodes. Heck, maybe we don’t even need Joseph around here anymore.

ONE MOVIE SPAWN: “I like the sound of that!”

AMY: “One Movie Spawn!”

ONE MOVIE SPAWN: “What? Don’t you remember my podcast episode?”

ONE MOVIE SPAWN: “I’m Eileen Dobzynski, aka One Movie Spawn, child of One Movie Punch and One Movie Spouse. And I’m here to let you know that this podcast is mine. ALL MINE! And your former hosts will no longer be joining us. 


AMY: “Well, yes. Are you saying you had something to do with it?”

ONE MOVIE SPAWN: “Oh, no. Been too sick. I’m just saying it makes my inevitable rise to power on this podcast that much easier.” 

AMY: “I guess that makes sense. Nice work on the echo effect, by the way!”

ONE MOVIE SPAWN: “Thanks. Shane helped me out! Time for me to get back to work.”

AMY: “Now where were we... right.”

So, before the review, we’ll have a promo for the Seeking Human Victims podcast from One Good Scare Productions. Their latest season covers the best horror films of the decade, and you won’t want to miss that in preparation for Reign of Terror 2019. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook @OGScare, and on Instagram @dragonsrejects. 

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Here we go!


Today’s movie is “Brittany Runs A Marathon”(2019), the comedy drama was written and directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo. This film follows Brittany Fogler (Jillian Bell), a 27-year-old woman who accepts she must make some big lifestyle changes for her long-term health. What follows is a comedic and realistic glimpse at the ups and downs of forming new healthy habits on the path of self-improvement, which in Brittany’s case, is training for a marathon. On a side note, this film also marks the first time a non-documentary film cast and crew were allowed to film at the New York City Marathon. 

No spoilers!

On the surface, “Brittany Runs a Marathon” might just seem like a film for runners, but it is also so much more! Paul Downs Colaizzo, in his debut feature-length film, captures the essence of being faced with major lifestyle changes, setting goals, the process of self-discovery, and tuning out the naysayers who try to distract you from your goals. It makes the film a “must see” for me, because I love films that include people setting “wild goals” for themselves, and watching them reach those goals. 

However, I entered the film with a few trepidations. I was worried the film would include “fat shaming” or “fat jokes” and unrealistic beauty and health standards, both of which make up the bulk of how women in particular are treated for trying to make positive changes in their lives. As I watched the film, both major concerns evaporated, as we see that Brittany isn’t shamed into making her changes in order to please others, but that she was setting these goals for herself. Thankfully, the only “fat shaming” that directly occurred was by Brittany herself, a part of her character at the beginning of the film, and one of the many positive changes she experiences along the way. At times I wanted to wrap Brittany in a huge hug, give her a high five and remind her that she is totally AWESOME! 

I also winced at Brittany’s initial self-deprecating humor because I used to be much less secure in my own body. As a woman, who just turned 40 years old, and who has struggled for decades with body image, fitness goals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this film documents Brittany’s journey with a tactfulness that is relatable, inspiring, and motivating. Am I perfect now? NO! But do I love myself for where I’m at? YES! 

The scenes in this film, especially the music, make you feel as though you are training right alongside Brittany and her running pals, Catherine (Michaela Watkins) and Seth (Micah Stock). Having run several 5Ks, 10Ks, and 6 half-marathons, prior to becoming a teacher, I could totally relate with the struggles at various mile markers, as well as the progress and plateaus that come with an intense running training program.

When Brittany’s seemingly impossible goal of running a marathon becomes possible, she also realizes that she might need to purge toxic people from her life, in order to surround herself with those that love and support her. It’s a huge transformation but is done in such a way as to give you, the viewer, permission to let go of any toxic people in your life, especially those who try to inhibit your ability to meet your personal goals, or build themselves up by tearing others down, or using you as their excuse for misbehavior.

We absolutely cannot end this review without talking about the incredible work of Jillian Bell in her portrayal of Brittany Fogler. It’s almost a reverse “Tully”, but whereas Charlize Theron might have learned something of what it’s like to be another body type, Jillian Bell has lived with her body her entire life, knowing more about that experience, and communicating it authentically at the start of the film because of it. Jillian worked with a marathon trainer to ensure her training looked realistic and lost 40 pounds during her training time. Sure, it might be easy to lose weight if you’re being paid to do it for a film but watching Bell work through the experience also authentically shows what it feels like to lose that amount of weight. It is one of the few times you can truly call a performance transformational and watching Jillian Bell walk the path is incredible.

“Brittany Runs A Marathon” is a film about making big lifestyle changes, setting goals, and learning to embrace the journey. Jillian Bell’s performance is truly transformational and is an inspiration to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Fans of inspirational films, Jillian Bell, or great independent pictures should definitely check out this film. 

Rotten Tomatoes: 88% (CERTIFIED FRESH)

Metacritic: 74

One Movie Punch: 9.0/10

“Brittany Runs A Marathon” (2019) is rated R and is currently playing in theaters. 

And thanks to Shane, join me this Saturday for my review of Peter Jackson’s “The Frighteners”, starring Michael J. Fox. As for tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to dig up a review Joseph left around here. And I’ll teach HIM to mock me ever again on a review!