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One Movie Punch

Jul 1, 2019

Joseph: “Last time on One Movie Punch…”


Amy: “Hello! Hello! This is One Movie Punch, broadcasting on all secret frequencies. Would someone please pick up?”

Ryan: “It’s certainly not funny. I have all these reviews to go!”

Andrew: “Andrew checking in. Me too. What’s happened?”

Amy: “Big Heads Media have taken over One Movie Punch!”

Keith: “So, you’re saying the review can wait?”

Garrett: “Well, I guess I can hop in the car and head to California.”

Andrew: “I thought that was all stock sounds!”

Joseph: “Been stuck in this bunker for two weeks waiting to hear anything.”

Joseph: “Another note. Let’s see what they want now.”

Joseph: “Let me just write back here. I accept. Will podcast for food and water. Send first review." 


Joseph: “And now, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean...” 


Amy: “All right, we’ve reached 30,000 feet. You can now unfasten your seat belts. I’ve put the plane on autopilot to rendezvous with the fan fleet.”

Keith: “An island? A plane? A fan fleet? I thought it was just some guy at a card table in a loft somewhere.”

Amy: “Joseph always said the most effective camouflage was the craziest.”

Garrett: “So, what’s the plan when we get there? I need to know which action films to watch in order to prepare.”

Amy: “Well, first we’re going to try negotiations. And a press release.”

Ryan: “You know, this script could use a lot of work.”

Amy: “Tell me about it. It’s like we’re working under deadlines or something.”

Andrew: “So, I’m notgoing to be back for work on time?”

Amy: “Like a terrible joke, I’m a frayed knot.”

Amy: “You’re right, Ryan. The script needs a lot of work. Let’s work on that while we travel. We’ll be there soon, Joseph!”


Joseph: “Meanwhile, on the island...” 


Joseph: “You know, when I said I would podcast for food and water, I didn’t expect more of the same things I’ve been eating for two week. I know we have other supplies out there, but I’m sure they’re helping themselves. Gonna need some bathroom supplies in a little bit.”

Joseph: “Here’s the second movie... on a SIM card? I mean, sure, I have a reader around here somewhere. Looks like some choppy video, and... hey, you guys know this is an audio podcast, right? That I’m gonna have to strip all this video, not that my stomach can probably handle it?”

Joseph: “Oh, very funny, guys! I’m glad you’re living it up. You’re lucky I like this film. I guess I have the Super Media Bros to thank for this one. Are you guys sure it’s not Super Moo... no, definitely not them. Got it.”

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Here we go! 




Today’s movie is “Cloverfield” (2008), the American found-footage monster film directed by Matt Reeves and written for the screen by Drew Goddard.

The plot follows NYC residents fleeing the city from a massive monster that attacks during a farewell party. 

Minor Spoilers ahead!

The movie takes its cue from “The Blair Witch Project” and amplifies the concept by adding a kaiju to the fold. While giving the audience the “found-footage kaiju” mixture, the film also adds in elements of fear and horror during the ride to truly invoke terror during the NYC crisis post 9/11.

The film reaches heights of claustrophobic intensity by having the story told from a point-of-view perspective via Hudson aka “Hud” (T.J. Miller). This approach literally takes the audience through the chaos in real time with the main characters, as Rob (Michael-Stahl David) searches for his ex Beth (Odette Yustman). As the chaos above continues, the tension amongst the party commences; whether it’s the pitch black-to-night vision subway tunnel excursion that gives everyone even more creatures to fear, or the extremely tense medical camp scenario where we lose Marlena (Lizzy Caplan), to an infectious parasite reminiscent to the chest-bursters in the beloved Alien franchise.

The film’s closing moments may be the most frightening, as the monster is finally revealed when it consumes Hudson, just as he, Rob, and Beth have seemingly survived. Adding to the terror, a hammer-down protocol is put in place by the U.S. military, where Manhattan is to be wiped off the map via nuclear strike to ensure the monster is stopped.

One of our favorite takeaways from this film is the slow reveal of the monster. While most films basically hand you the creature within the first half of the film, “Cloverfield” teases you with well shot scenes of the pursuit of the beast. Being able to glance at the tail or foot here and there via camcorder POV develops a whole different character of realism and horror all the way through the film up until the final moments.

The movie strongly delivers multiple-genre experiences with an outside-of-the-box presentation. The worst part about seeing it for us is that you can never see it again for the first time. So, drop what you’re doing, grab the camcorder, and go tail this monster of a film!

Rotten Tomatoes: 77% (CERTIFIED FRESH)

Metacritic: 64

One Movie Punch: 9.0/10

“Cloverfield” (2008) is rated PG-13 and is currently playing on Prime Video.